Formen Kit: 1 Male CC Cream, 1 Invisible Powder to Remove Shine, 1 Face Concealer and 1 Under Eye Concealer


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We want you to put your best face forward so we created The Kit. Get our entire line of products bundled together at an ultimate discount. 1) Remove Facial Shine Our clients most common issue is a shiny face. Excess oils on the male skin pool to give an unpleasant look and feel. Formen's invisible blotting powder can effectively banish shine. 2) Conceal Imperfections Adult acne, light scars, dark spots, and other skin imperfections can be a nuisance on your skin. Use Formen's male concealer to mask the problem discretely. 3) Remove Dark Circles Late night online shopping? Under eye bags are caused due to a number of reasons, but sleep well knowing we have one product engineered to remove them! 4) The 6-in-one Our most coveted product, Formen's Brightening CC Cream is the greatest entry point to male makeup. This lotion comes out white. As you apply it to you skin it will change color while providing 6 distinct benefits to your skin.
Makeup for men, invisible, easy to use, quick