Trish McEvoy Confidence To Go ll


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Back by popular demand, Trish's deluxe portable palette for eyes and face is perfectly paired with three of her iconic brushes in precious miniature. Each brush features a full-size luxury head with a downsized handle so you can travel light. A captivating multi-texture shadow trio plus Intense Gel Eye Liner enhances eyes for any mood while universally flattering Bronzer and Blush warm and shape your face. Stylishly sized for your on-the-go Makeup Confidence.

Includes: Bronzer Golden*, Blush Pink Glow, Translucent Finishing Powder*, Eye Shadow Sienna, Glaze Eye Shadow Amber, Starry Eye Shadow Rose Gold, Intense Gel Eye Liner Deep Aubergine*, Brushes 83 All Over Eye, 68 Everything Eye, 2B Sheer Blush